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Business One Stop Shop (aka BOSS)

Liz Haselgrove started assisting businesses through her own consultancy in November 2012. Since then, BOSS has gone from strength to strength, and we are now opening our first co-working space.

In January 2019, BOSS was confirmed as the Entrepreneurship Facilitator for the Perth-North East region. This is a government initiative to give support and advice to anyone who is thinking of starting a business. This is an exciting opportunity for us to build a thriving centre that offers advice, training, co-working and other facilities to help our local businesses to start, grow and be successful. My vision is for BOSS Centre to be a hub that nurtures community as well as business.

We will now be able to truly be a One Stop Shop for small businesses.

Liz haselgrove

Liz haselgrove

Liz Haselgrove, Your Local Entrepreneurship Facilitator

I LOVE helping new businesses to work their way through the maze of the "business side of things" so that it all feels so much more simple and attainable.

I began studying Business and Strategy at the age of 16 when I did a National Diploma in Business (waaaayy back in the '90s!) and then went on to do a BA(Hons) Degree in Business in Cambridge, UK.

After cutting my teeth in some of the most challenging work environments (such as the trading floor at National Australia Bank, for the Head of International Sales at Burberry and in product development at Google), I left the 'corporate world' to work with small businesses and start-ups, and haven't looked back since. For the past 18 months, I have been training, mentoring and assisting around 20 businesses a week, some through the government's NEIS scheme, and also through the Small Business Development Corporation

Now for the next stage of BOSS - it’s own Centre!

I look forward to welcoming you as we work together to build your future.


Vision Statement

To help independent businesses to thrive and be as successful as they have the potential to be.

Mission Statement

To provide independent business owners with the contacts, knowledge and strategy to maximise their likelihood of being a roaring success.

The Evolution of the BOSS directory

Throughout her work with independent businesses, Liz realised that a common point of frustration for business owners was needing recommendations for a great accountant / graphic designer / printer / VA etc etc.

There are several of these Trusted Business sites for tradies, but none dedicated to helping independent businesses such as start-ups, small businesses and mumpreneurs.

BOSS seeks to fill this gap and help these businesses to be as successful as possible.