Essential business skills - have you got what it takes?

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So you've got a great idea and want to start your own business, but have you got what it takes to be successful? Are you going to be able to ride the rollercoaster of business ownership, or will you fall at the first hurdle?

This is a great short article from the Small Business Development Corporation that highlights some of the basic skills that you will need.

Here at BOSS, we see dozens of small businesses each week. An easy early indictor for whether the business is going to be successful (or not) is the ability of the principal founders / directors to keep going through adversity; to find solutions when problems arise, not be easily talked out of doing something if they know they are on the right track, and who will be continuously opening doors to opportunity. When we hear excuses and "I haven't moved along with the business because of x or y", unfortunately these are the businesses which are much more likely to not quite get off the ground.