How to get AMAZING leads for your business

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We know that it’s getting harder and harder to engage new audiences and add to our list of prospects. Gone are the days of “like and share my post to be in with a chance to win” – these are now classed as spam on facebook, and aren’t effective anyway as organic (i.e. free) business posts are only being seen by around 5% of your followers.

So, what to do now? Well, if you already have a great email list, then email marketing can be a really strong tool to keep engaged with your audience and keep telling them about how fabulous you are.

But how do you get a great email list in the first place? Especially with the new EU GDPR rules (read more about those here) which Australia, the US and other countries are likely to follow before the end of 2018. Obviously you can’t buy them from data mining companies as we used to in days of yore, and a simple “sign up to my newsletter” on your website is about as effective as a butter sculpture in a sauna.

Well, here’s the answer. Are you ready?


“Eh?” You might say. But think about it; when was the last time you clicked on a “I’m a fab article read me now” link, vs “what kind of parent / girlfriend / entrepreneur / spirit animal are YOU?” link? Personally, I know I’m unable to resist that lure of being able to find out something more about myself. It’s the modern-day equivalent of the good old Cosmo quiz, except this time, we’re not finding out how good we are in bed or how romantic we are – lol!

As they’re quick and easy (and fun) to do, it’s an incredibly effective way to engage your potential audience in a meaningful way. What’s more, with the right system, you can gain a huge amount of information about your new prospects, including their individual answers to questions! And then tailor the information that they see and are sent at the end of the quiz accordingly.

For example, if you are a gift company, you could run a quiz called “what kind of gifter are you?”. Your quiz can then run through questions such as “how many people to you buy presents for at xmas”, “what is your average spend per gift”, “which kind of gifts do you like to give – personalised, unusual, home, toys” etc etc. From this information gleaned, you can then set your auto-responses to send the prospect super-targeted emails such as “gift ideas for under $25” or “gift ideas for that person how has everything”.

Running a quiz is one of the few remaining tools that really WORK, particularly when prospecting on social media, and are definitely worth a try. I would suggest putting one together and running a Facebook Ad campaign to test it out (remember to specify your target audience so that it’s getting seen by the most useful prospects). You can even sign up to a 2 week free trial, try it out for those two weeks and see if it’s worth a subscription!

After doing a fair amount of research at BOSS Towers, I’m really liking the quiz system at Interact. They make it soooooper easy to create a great looking quiz, walk you through how to embed it into your site (or FB ad, email etc,) and give you some seriously useful analytics about your prospects and what is going to be the best way to capture their interest.

If you’d like any help setting up your own quiz, let me know!

This article was posted on the 15th July 2019

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