Which Squarespace package should I choose

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I've finally got round to doing the analysis on the new pricing for Squarespace's website packages!

As some of you know, there was a very sudden update to Squarespace's pricing and packaging structure in November 2017. The notable difference involved the removal of the eCommerce and Mailchimp facilities from the most basic, Personal, package. Whilst it kinda makes sense really as it's unlikely that a Personal website will need these features, it was met with MUCH uproar amongst those of us in the Circle (a group of regular Squarespace users and designers who give feedback on changes, identify glitches and act as a conduit between the Squarespace developers and the end users).

So - which is the best package now for you?

Personal - $16/month (or $22 / month if you're paying month by month)

  • Great for most businesses, who don't need eCommerce.

  • Unlimited pages, bandwidth and storage

  • 2 contributors

  • All the basics that we love from Squarespace, such as mobile optimisation (both how it looks on a mobile, but also removes unnecessary formatting for mobile usage which Google LOVES), 24/7 support (with a native-English speaking PERSON!), and the ability to create an SSL secure site.

Business - $25/month (or $35 / month if you're paying month by month)

  • All the above features plus:

  • An eCommerce facility for taking orders and payments (3% transaction fee)

  • Additional marketing tools such as Promotional Pop-ups and an Announcement Bar

  • The ability to fully customise the site using CSS and JavaScript coding

Basic Online - $34/month (or $40 / month if you're paying month by month)

  • All the features of the Business plan plus:

  • Some added eCommerce tools such as label printing, and integration with Xero

  • Even more analytics, such as sales funnel stats (e.g. where you're losing sales)

  • Customer Accounts - so customers can see their purchase history and save their details on your store for easier and quicker future purchases

  • No additional transaction fees on payments

Advanced Online - $52/month (or $61 / month if you're paying month by month)

  • The Big Daddy of eCommerce website building!

  • All of the above plus additional features such as Abandoned Cart autorecovery (for capturing potential lost sales) and Gift Cards

One thing to note is the 3% transaction charge on the Business plan for eCommerce transactions. This is in addition to the credit card processing fee (e.g. PayPal which can charge a whopping 5% or Stripe which charges around 1.95%).

I've worked out the crossover point of when it makes sense to upgrade from a Business to a Basic Online account, and it is this. Once you are receiving $167 (or $300 if on a month by month package), you're better off paying the extra $5 (or $9 month to month) of the Basic Online plan in order to avoid the extra 3% transaction fees. If you only have the facility there for very occasional purchases, you're likely better off staying on the Business plan.

As always, any questions, please drop me a line! :)


Liz Haselgrove is a Squarespace Authorised Trainer (one of only a small handful in Australia) and loves working with businesses to create a killer website that not only looks great, but also draws people in to press the all important BUY button.

This article was posted on the 7th March 2019