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Nicole is an exposure alchemist who weaves her magic by assisting small business owners to uncover, unpack and identify with their media and pitch it to the media to generate publicity. 

Think PR, think High-Profit Media and be seen by more of your ideal customers.

Nicole's clients have had great success with interviews in radio, print and TV such as The West Australian, LAFM Launceston, 6PR Perth, ABC radio Perth, MMM radio, The Pulse TV, Today Tonight, Channel Nine and Seven News, local community newspapers and many more!

Nicole herself has been interviewed by the media over 400 times with her former company, FIFO Families, and now has an intimate understanding of how the media work and what they want from business owners.

Nicole has an on line course teaching business owners how to generate their own media, she also teaches two day workshops, runs webinars and also offers a PR service if you are too busy to be your own PR media machine.

Phone: 0432 686171

Email: nicole@high-profitmedia.com

Website: www.high-profitmedia.com

Facebook: @highprofitmedia

Insta: highprofitmedia