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We are business consultants with a focus on people. We link your people to your business strategy to create the results your business needs in terms of labour cost management, employee relations management, employment law compliance, staff engagement and retention, and performance management.

The tools and methods we use are based on years of senior management HR management experience, and specialist education. Our advice and consulting both remotely and onsite have assisted clients in achieving impressive results on improving staff satisfaction and business performance simultaneously, whilst saving business owners an managers, time, money, and stress in trying to otherwise learn and deliver on HR activities on their own.

Welcome to Master HR Solutions, your expert HR consultants and advisors providing Australia-wide support to companies from start-ups engaging their first employee through to large companies with complex employment needs and issues. If you’re looking for a solution to all your HR related problems, questions and internal development needs , including just looking for a better way to manager your staff related activities, then you’ve come to the right provider.

Here at Master HR Solutions we take care of everything from hiring, to managing, to firing all FOR you. This is our ‘DONE FOR YOU’ outsourced HR management solution providing you with the time, peace of mind and cost-effective HR management solution that allows you to concentrate on your role in managing your company, and forget about staffing and employment headaches which waste your valuable time. 

We also offer a subscription based HR advisory service allowing you to call and email with ad hoc queries any time, and we also provide legally compliant, formal documentation packages.

If you’re like our other clients, seeking:
• Time
• Cost effective HR management
• Improved processes
• Peace of mind that your company is compliant and doing ‘the right thing’
• Risk minimisation
• Expert advice of employee management or HR strategy
• Improved staff performance and productivity
• Reduced labour cost
• Improved staff retention and engagement
• Increased leadership and management capability internally
• Resolution to workplace conflict and staff issues

We have the expertise, skills and qualifications to get any or all of the above sorted for you through either our complete ‘DONE FOR YOU’ outsourced solution or our ‘WE COACH YOU’ advice and mentoring solution for one of your dedicated internal resources.
To kick things off, we’d like to give you valuable insight into how your business is tracking against compliance and best practice when it comes to employee management. 

As a gesture of goodwill and to show you we really know our stuff, we’re going to give you our time and expert knowledge through the completion of a HR Health Check on your company – absolutely FREE. That’s a total value of $497, we are offering you complimentary, with no attached obligations.

So if you’re ready to leave all your staff headaches behind and achieve your business objectives using your most valuable asset, your people, simply visit our website at and subscribe in the form provided.

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