Michelle Sanchez Copywriter

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Hi, I'm Michelle - a Perth-based copywriter and content marketing specialist.

My areas of expertise are website and SEO copywriting, blog writing, ghostwriting, content marketing, feature articles and health copywriting.

I work with small businesses, entrepreneurs and health & wellness professionals.

By writing engaging content and website copy, I’ll help get your business noticed and connect you with your audience.

And, most importantly – get your customers to take action!

My experience spans across many industries including health and wellness, events, marketing, publishing, real estate, oil and gas, TV production, hospitality and retail. I’ve worked for large corporates, agencies and start-up businesses – you name it, I’ve done it!

I’ve worn many hats and all this wonderful experience comes in handy when writing copy.

I'm also a qualified naturopath and nutritionist so I specialize in writing health and wellness copy.

I have a knack for breaking down complex information into layman's terms so that people can actually understand it! I've been a health blogger for many years too and written my own wellness e-books.

Want to see your name in print or become a best-selling author? I can help with that too.

As a ghostwriter, I'll assist with writing your feature article or book. All you need to do is tell me what you want to write about and where you want to be featured, then I’ll take the lead from there. I'll write the words as though they came straight out of your mouth! 

Storytelling is my passion so let me help you tell yours.

Phone: 0435 717429

Email Address: info@michellesanchezcopywriter.com

Website:  www.michellesanchezcopywriter.com

Twitter: @michellesauthor

Instagram:  @michellesanchezauthor