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We understand business growth and how branded and customised products can create awareness and bring your brand to life. Your hard-earned reputation and identity needs just the right branded merchandise to promote your business and we will work with you to find relevant, top quality products and make them look good with your logo and custom packaging. With over 10 years experience we know what to get and where to get it from...

Everyone has a their favourite movies, bands, shows, artists and brands - we wear their t-shirts, buy their prints, their bags, caps, and drink their coffee. Our modern culture is littered with iconic t-shirts, stickers, drink bottles etc. that have entered the collective consciousness - and earned millions for those who originated them. The same basics are true to create awareness of your business.

At The Promo Tree we do all the hard work which involves substantial amounts of time spent sourcing products, negotiating with suppliers, finalising artwork and logo's, decoration, packaging and logistics. We can customise anything you can think of, and back it up with old-fashioned, exceptional customer service, deliver it on time and assure you of the highest quality products every time. From printed tote bags, t-shirts and pens, to completely customised items - we can put your logo on anything.

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