Entrepreneurship Facilitator Service (EFS)

In 2016/17, the federal government started a new initiative called the Entrepreneurship Facilitator Service to help those that were thinking of starting their own business. Three centres were established in January 2017 as a trial scheme, and their success has meant that 20 more are now being rolled out across the country.

Entrepreneurship Facilitators (Facilitators) provide practical assistance to support and encourage individuals to start and run their own business.

The role of the Facilitators is to:

  • provide free mentoring and business support to people looking to start or grow their own business

  • engage with relevant community organisations to increase community awareness of the opportunities available through self-employment

  • refer Clients to the most appropriate assistance available to them in the area, such as the New Business Assistance with the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS).

The EFS will run for 3.5 years, from January 2019 to mid-year 2022, although this may be extended.

The BOSS Centre has been created in association with the Government’s Entrepreneurship Facilitator Service (EFS) to support you on your journey as a successful business owner.

As well as the advice and support which we can offer through the EFS, we also aim to grow the Centre to being a central hub for new and aspiring business owners to get the support that they need to create something amazing, through co-working, collaboration, workshops and recommendations.

Our goal is to help you take control of your future and maximise your business potential through education and support in a friendly and creative environment.

How Can We Help You?

  • One-to-one business advice on a range of topics (such as digital marketing and business strategy)

  • Informative workshops covering all the business essentials

  • Business coaching that will build your confidence

  • Affordable physical space for working, meetings and workshops

  • Networking and industry contacts

  • ·        Advice on where to go next and the other assistance that is available

  • A directory of trusted businesses

Who is Eligible for Assistance?

Anyone considering entrepreneurship or self employment, or in the early stages of running a business, is welcome to come to us for advice and support. We may then refer you on to other services for ongoing support, such as to the NEIS programme.

What Does it Cost?

BOSS Centre services under the umbrella of the EFS are provided to clients free of charge as they are fully funded by the Australian Government.
Additional services, such as office space or other facilities may incur a cost.

How Do I Get Started?

Let’s get the ball rolling today by getting in touch!
You’re perfectly welcome to drop in to the Centre but it’s always best to touch base first so we can prepare for your visit. Call, email or use the simple contact form and we’ll arrange a time for a chat and a cuppa :-)