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How to Write a Business Plan Workshop

Do you have a business plan? Is it a good one, that you refer to regularly?

Not having a useful, easy-to-implement business plan is like jumping off a cliff blind-folded. You might be absolutely fine, land on a bed of fluffy mattresses, while someone walks up to you holding a beer/wine/coffee. Or, of course, you could crash down sharp rocks into shark-infested waters…

Give your business the best possible chance of succeeding. It’s ESSENTIAL that you have a business plan plus a cash-flow forecast, for your own sanity if nothing else. And, if you’re even thinking about asking the bank etc for finance, you’ll definitely need these documents.

If the idea of creating these crucial documents for your business is making you twitch, join us for an easy-to-follow, templated workshop and we can work on it together. Easy peasy.

Bring with you your laptop – we’ll send the templates to you the day before so that you can load them in advance.

Also bring with you any details of expenses, product costs, information and anything else that you think may be useful to include.

We’ll go through:

  • what you need to include in your Business Plan, step-by-step

  • who is your Business Plan for, and how you should tailor it for each audience

We’ll go through it all together using easy-to-follow sections so that you should have at least a draft of your business plan by the end of the workshop.