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Vision Board with Feng Shui Workshop

If you want to make all your dreams come true, you need to be able to SEE them first. It is proven that what we see every day moulds our minds, our sub-conscious actions and, therefore, our lives.

But this is a Vision Board workshop with a twist…

vision board business success Ed Gill feng shui

Ed Gill is a GrandMaster Dowser (ranked in the Top 3 in the southern hemisphere and Top 10 in the world!). Ed will be leading us in this workshop to create a vision board that not only inspires but is also designed using ancient Chinese positive energy and feng shui practices.

Give your business the best chance of success by joining us for this fun, creative and inspiring workshop.

Bring with you magazines, photos and anything else that you’d like to include on your board. We’ll provide the boards.

For the benefit of the entire group, latecomers will no longer be admitted.