Liz has been a wonderful help in assisting me with getting my own website started. Very friendly, knowledgeable and skilled.
— Sophie, Artis
Liz is nothing short of amazing! She managed to explain in 10 minutes what we had spent weeks trying to get our head around. The advice she provided was clear, concise and invaluable. Thanks again Liz.
— Gemma, Perth

Thank you Liz for being so super helpful and knowledgeable in all things small business. You have a fantastic way of making everything sound so simple with a clear path and the steps to get from an unorganised beginnings of a business to a full throttle company with a business plan, website, media and marketing strategy and systems to implement all mine (and your) ideas. A breath of fresh air, I love that I have you to call on anytime I need help and a kick in the right direction. Thanks Liz, you're a gem!
- Kim, BAM & Co

Utterly invaluable
— Keren, TheJobCrowd
Liz was an absolute God send when I was trying to kick start my agency business. Very professional and fun at the same time. Miss her dearly...
— Natasha, London

"Thanks a lot, love your work!"
Kara Tripp, Resicom Access, Leederville

"Took something overwhelming which would have taken me so long and so much banging head against wall, and made it easy and no fuss!!
So helpful, easy to work with, will be coming back for sure!
Really got bang for my buck here!"
- Laura, Scarborough

"I have been using Liz for the last few months to get my massage business started... I was in complete overwhelm when I first met with her and now after a couple of months I am headed in the direction of having a profitable business... her knowledge of all things business is astounding... her creative ability to make up websites/cards/flyers etc is spot on... she can systematically organise every aspect of your business or business ideas... taking you where your potential lies... I can not recommend her services enough 11/10."
- Catherine, Urban Bliss Massage Therapy, Innaloo

"Liz is always reliable, responsible and very loyal. She offers productive advice for my company in regards to the financial and company direction."
- Nancy, The Positive

"I would definitely recommend Liz to anyone looking for some help with their business."
- Jamie Graham, Graham Property Trading


"You are a star!" - David, Entrepreneur


"Liz has been AMAZING! She is superbly competent and organised (and very nice!) and has already revolutionised various aspects of our business - things that I feel would have taken me months."
- Keren, TheJobCrowd